Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Father Jenkins' Greatest Fear

Rev. Jenkins, President of Notre Dame, on why he became a priest:

My greatest fear was that I 'd do something - maybe be successful - but look back and think, "Well, what was that life about?  Why did it matter?  What did you stand for?  What was important?"

I hope Fr. Jenkins is still undergoing these scrutinies.  What will the Vagina Monologues and President Obama avail anyone at the Eternal Judgment seat?

She might help.

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  1. I will assess the Old Testament stories of the Desert Wanderings. Here the Hebrews had daily contact with the God of their Fathers. The cloud by day and the fire by night that guided them. They went when the cloud moved and they stayed when the cloud rested. The lesson? To follow God's plan even when we dont really understand what that is to be. Submit the intellect to the Holy Spirit. The tests of the Hebrews was often challenged by temptations to be disobedient. Moses' sister and brother challenged his authority, asking, why are you the only one we are to follow? We have inspirations as well. The people have dreams and insights, so why is it only Moses we are to follow? Control? Lack of Humility? Desire for recognition? All of these? God's answer? (I paraphrase) I give dreams and inspirations to those I chose, yet I give authority to guide to Moses.
    How does this apply to Fr. Jenkins? He claims to want to seek dialoque. He claims that a University has to have an open atmosphere for education to flourish. Is this an inspiration? From who? The USCCB has a standard that one needs to honor over the personal claims to a better way. Do not honor pro abortion figures for scandal will occur. O, for our pride to diminish and our wills to be submissive to the Holy Spirit!